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Documenting The Growing Lines At NYC’s Food Pantries

Photographer Joey O'Loughlin documents the city's oft-overlooked food distribution problem.

When New York-based photographer Joey O'Loughlin was asked by the non-profit Food Bank for New York City to take photos for its website, it was the first time she really noticed the food pantries that dot the city she's lived in for 20 years.

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How World War II Sparked The Scandinavian Design Craze

If not for the war, the notion of "Scandinavian" design may never have left Northern Europe.

Who gave the world Scandinavian design? Arne Jacobsen, Eero Arnio, Alvar Aalto, or Ingvar Kamprad? Okay, sure. But another larger force played a major role in establishing Scandinavian design as well: World War II.

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The New Human Condition Is Riding A Roller Coaster With A VR Headset On

Whoa, it's almost like you're on a real roller coaster!

Remember that viral photo where Mark Zuckerberg walked past a whole room of nerds, but none of them noticed because they were all wearing VR headsets? It seemed like the perfect sad sack signpost hea an inevitable reality in which we tune out the wonders of the real world for the pixelated temptations of the virtual one. But in fact, VR Zuckerberg has already been topped! Because now we have Six Flags Over Texas's new ride, Shock Wave: The New Revolution.

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You Can Customize And Buy This 3-D Printed Dress Online

Body Labs and Nervous System have teamed up to sell the amazing Kinematics Petals dress.

Earlier this month, I wrote about the Kinematic Petals dress, a sleek, impossibly intricate dress on display at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts that could be 3-D printed to fit any body type, no assembly required. Today, you can actually buy one.

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Bradford Shellhammer’s Next Project: Curating eBay

Shellhammer is heading to eBay's innovation team, where he'll focus on curating the online auction site.

Bradford Shellhammer, the co-founder of Fab.com and founder of Bezar, announced yesterday that he is joining eBay's innovation team where he will be spearheading merchandising and curation.

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An Emotional Map Of The City, As Captured Through Its Sounds

Hear the vibes.

When people talk about the sounds of a city, they're usually talking about noise—dense traffic, loud honking, music-pumping neighbors—and the ways to avoid it. But not all city sounds are unpleasant; some can inspire feelings of joy or calm, trust or anticipation.

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Museums Lure A New Generation Of Patrons Through Their Stomachs

Ancient beer? Indigenous foods? A mouthful of smog? It sure beats a lousy diorama.

In 2004, archeologist Ryan Williams was on an expedition in the Andes when his group made an amazing discovery: a brewery built at an almost sacred stature on a mountaintop. Operated by the Wari people from around A.D. 600 to around A.D. 1500, it was used to brew a maize and pepper berry beer known as chicha—the ancient equivalent of Bud Light Straw-Ber-Ritas—with an ABV approaching 10%. But it wasn't savored; it was chugged. Williams's team discovered drinking mugs, half a gallon in size. In this mountain beer hall, 50 to 100 local lords would attend a boozy feast lasting a few days, and each person would be responsible for drinking as many as five gallons apiece. This location was just one link in a whole chain of breweries built in South America that allowed the Wari people to control and unite 900 linear miles of disparate tribes for hundreds of years.

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Why Is Artificial Intelligence So Bad At Empathy?

A new study reveals that voice assistant AIs, like Siri and Cortana, might be clever, but they lack fundamental empathy at their core.

Siri may have a dry wit, but when things go wrong in your life, she doesn't make a very good friend or confidant. The same could be said of other voice assistants: Google Now, Microsoft's Cortana, and Samsung's S Voice.

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What Under Armour’s New 3-D-Printed Shoe Reveals About The Future Of Footwear

Although it has a 3-D-printed midsole, UA's Architech still shows how far away we are from customizable footwear for all.

For years, we've been hearing about how 3-D printing was going to revolutionize the fashion and footwear industry. Unless you are a major sports star with a Nike deal, though, these "revolutionary" 3-D-printed sneakers have been largely absent. The closest we've seen to consumer products were United Nude's 3-D-printed pumps, which were designed more for the shelf than the human foot.

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